About Me

about me
I am a young woman who is moving through the different stages of life. I am a mother of a beautiful three-year-old and… A soon to be wife to my amazing Fiance. While on the journey down to the altar, I still find myself winging life as I seek ways to maneuver through it. With MANY trials and tribulations, I’m getting the hang of being a mom and a woman but I still fall short. With positivity, happiness, and truth I’m providing a safe haven to all my subscribers. You are not alone when it comes to life and I’m here to share my experiences on my journey with you. I am no professional when it comes to my advice but sharing my tips and tricks on different topics as it relates to beauty, lifestyle and being a woman. I want to show you all how they have helped me, and a may even help you too or give insight. I am providing a space that is relatable to all women who may be in different stages in their lives. As women, we face many obstacles but I’m here to tell you we’re stronger than we think. You too are a redeemer. Happy reading, welcome and enjoy!!