Her is me: this is a story of my breast cancer survivor hero.

As we come to the end of October there is a story I want to share, a strong woman testimony:

March 2017 was the month that changed my life forever. I get a call saying that the doctors found lumps around my mother’s breast and that turned out positive for breast cancer stage 2. When I heard the news my whole world stop and all I could do was cry, at a loss for words, and asking God why her? why my mom? but I stopped and I gathered myself together. At that moment in time, my mother needed someone to bring extra strength and that was me.  I spoke to my mothers’ doctor and asked him what was the next step for her? The doctor informed me that she will be undergoing surgery in May and she will be starting chemo once she was cleared. I managed to get to New York City to be there to support her during her surgery and to take care of her the first few days post-surgery because eventually, I had to get back to my little family. I prayed night and day calling on God just asking him for his protection over my mom before the surgery, during the surgery, and after the surgery. A mothers strength is like no other, and like the strong woman I know she was she stuck it out and stuck it through like the champion that she is.

Once the surgery was over, appointments after appointments making sure she was healed and prepared to start treatment she leaned on me to keep her in high spirits. She began her chemotherapy treatments July 21st and that she had to do for 4 months. November which marked her 4th month came around and my mom was in the home stretch of her chemotherapy. We decided to go see her for Thanksgiving and spend a few days with her. November 25th  was the day before her last treatment which happened to be the day I had to go back home.  I remember hugging my mom so tight and telling her you’re almost here, we cried and we prayed and then she sent me off. November 26th on the final day I got the call and I got a picture saying “baby your mommy is done.” I was so elated that this part of my mom’s journey was over. The day of her final chemo treatment, she rung the bell letting everyone know she was at the end of her first chapter but she still had another chapter to go.

My mother (black sweater) during the breast cancer walk in NYC

Chapter two was the journey of her having to go through radiation. Because the doctors saved her breast they wanted to make sure all signs of cancer will be eliminated. Prior to starting her treatments, she had to undergo another surgery but thankfully this one was minor than the first one. I was so devastated and hurt that I couldn’t be there but my mother assured me that it was okay. March 21st was the beginning of the radiation treatments everyday day for the next 6 weeks. I’ve always admired my mother but during that time period, her resilience was just astounding because she knew that she was going to be okay and she was finally able to make light of her situation. During this entire journey, she had an abundance of supporters who helped along the way. Whether it was keeping her company, checking up on her, getting her to and from appointments, and making sure she was okay in the absence of me and my sister not being able to be there at times. May 4th was the final day of her radiation treatment. All I could do was praise God that this part of my mother journey was finally over and she now has a second chance to do things differently. As a family, we were faced with a lot of trials and tribulation, sicknesses, and unfortunately losses but my mom remained strong throughout it all. That was the end of chapter 2.

Now that chapter 2 is over we now entered chapter 3 and believe it or not we’re still writing this chapter together. Even though the treatments are over my mothers’ life is changed forever. It is an everyday commitment for her to live in her new truth and to live a healthy life. March 2018 made a year of my mothers’ diagnosis, and on March 2019 will mark two years of my mothers’ diagnosis. On November 26th will mark a year of my mother completing her chemotherapy treatments and on May 4th, 2019 will mark a year my mother completed her radiation treatments. Seeing my mother go through this journey has taught me a new sense of strength and resilience within myself. I pray every day that my mother remain free from cancer and I do everything on my end to make sure she lives a healthy life. This is my mothers’ testimony and she let me share her story. To my breast cancer survivors, your fight is like no other and your testimonies are profound. I thank you for your strength, your courage, your patience and determination of seeing the silver lining in your journey. TO MY MOTHER, I love you so much and I’m so proud of you. Through all you have gone through your spirit never broke, your laughs became wider, your smiles are contagious, and your love goes beyond limits. You are my super shero! Being a part of your journey and looking back you have taught me that anything is possible to overcome as long as you remain faithful. Breast cancer awareness doesn’t stop because October is over. Breast cancer awareness is 365 days every year because there is always someone new that is beginning a new journey.

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