Review on the Bomb’d Aesthetics Products



Lately, I’ve been in the mood to try different products that are more organic and made by hand. Looking through social media one day I came across this company called Bomb’d Aesthetics and decided to check out their website. Bomb’d Aesthetics (IG @bombdaesthetics) has products that are vegan, cruelty-free, handmade, holistic and aesthetic soaps, salts, scrubs and body butter. Did I forget to mention that they were black own brand? When I checked out their website I was impressed at how inexpensive their products were and the amazing reviews of various products. With my own coins, I purchased a few products that I wanted to test out for a few weeks and provide my own thoughts and see if the reviews from the other consumers were true.

This is not a sponsored review. I am just a mom sharing my thoughts and opinions on products that chose I to use and decided to share with you!

My 1st Product: Hydrating Sugar Lip Scrub ( $6.00)

Hydrating Lip Scrub


The Lip Scrub has superfine sugar crystals to help buff away dry skin while sweet almond oil conditions the lips to look and feel soft. When using lip scrubs it helps prime your lips to help have an easy, smooth application of your choice of lip product. Whether you’re wearing a matte lip or going for the glossy look it’s always good to make sure all the dead skin is removed. The lip scrub comes in several scents, I bought the scrub in Juicy Pink Grapefruit. When I first received my package it came on a hot day I thought it was melting so I went ahead and put it in my fridge to help solidify it back up and get it cold. After my first use, my lips were instantly soft. A little bit definitely goes a long way and for the price, and I felt like I was in a win-win situation. I use the lip scrub just before going to bed and before I apply my lipstick/lip-gloss for the day.




Will I Purchase again? Girl, Yes!!! The lip scrub smells amazing, it makes my lips feel incredibly soft, and it tastes good too! We pay for high-end lip scrubs and don’t know what’s in them so, why not invest in a product that we know has nothing but natural ingredients and is made my hand. I recently used this on my clients and they were impressed at how soft and smooth their lips were. Compared to other lip scrubs I used in the past this is definitely worth it and a little bit goes a long way.



My 2nd Product: Galaxy Acne Detox Bar ($6.50)

Galaxy Acne Detox Bar
Galaxy Acne Detox Bar


The Galaxy Acne Detox bar is a combination of tea tree oil and activated charcoal that helps absorb oil and dirt from pores, leaving the skin feeling balanced. It’s also known to help with oily skin, as well as help with dark spots and hyperpigmentation. When I was checking out the reviews on this bar majority of the remarks were really positive and I knew instantly I needed to try this product. For two weeks I used the galaxy bar in replacement of my cleanser (check my recent summer skincare routine) to see if everything about this product was valid. The first day I started using the bar I quickly noticed at how smooth my skin felt. As many of you know I have combination skin but in the summertime, I am more on the oily spectrum and I begin to look like a grease ball not even halfway through the day. With my oily skin, I have hyperpigmentation around my mouth and dark spots along my cheek line and a few around my brow bone area.


Will I Purchase again? Absolutely! Since using the product after my two week trial period along with my skin care routine I noticed that my skin has a naturally radiant glow, my dark spots are clearing up and my skin feels so refreshed even after being in and out the hot sun. Being that I knew it helped with dark spots and hyperpigmentation I decided to give it a shot in my bikini line area and honey! let’s just say I’m seeing improvements in that area as well. Even though the bar is meant for the face I couldn’t help but put it to another test and a quick disclaimer I DO NOT go past the bikini area. I do not put the soap in my lady part area JUST the bikini zone. Because it’s the summertime, when I’m not wearing makeup, I tend to wash my face 2-3 time a day. Using the bar 2-3 times a day for over a month, I still have a lot of product left.



From a consumer perspective, I am very in love with these products. I look forward to seeking more of their products and becoming one of their loyal customers. I have zero negative things to say about Bomb’d Aesthetics. Their customer service is astonishing, accommodating and attentive. Their merchandise doesn’t take forever to ship out and you receive in the time frame that you ask for. If you’re interested in trying them out go check their website and tell them Nae sent you!


Check out a few photos and clips on the progression of my skin. Please respect my vulnerability in sharing myself with you guys and be honest. (DISCLAMER: There are no filters! I wanted you guys to see how my skin looked after using the detox bar)










My skin after using the bar for a month.


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