We are Amazing Moms!


Becoming a mom is like applying for that one job where we lack the qualifications, knowing that we’re not going to get a salary, paid time off, and minimal recognition but we accept it with open arms. Being a mom we have to deal with the pressures from society to self, we can be overwhelmed the majority of the time. No matter how many books you read, conferences you attend, or YouTube videos you watch, you will never be fully prepared to be a mom. At times we feel like we fall short and need to hear that we are amazing moms. Here are my reasons why I believe we as women are amazing moms!



  • We made the ultimate sacrifice.

    – Most of us are adequate healthy individuals but not once do we take into consideration the possible complications we may go through to simply bring life into this world. We go above and beyond to make sure we take care of our self to ensure we bring our beautiful babies safely in this world. Whether you had a natural childbirth, C- Section, in the hospital or at home you brought life into this world


  • Our children are our biggest blessing.

    – Getting pregnant with my daughter during the time frame that I did showed me God had other plans for me. I was going through a lot of craziness and when my daughter entered into my world she brought a sense of peace. We can focus on all the negatives in life but our children can give us a different outlook. It makes us appreciate life and encourages us to take advantage of those precious moments we have with them no matter what stage they are in life.


  • We’re not perfect but we put our best foot forward.

    – A lot of us tend to have the “perfect mom” syndrome is what I like to call it. We give ourselves these unworkable expectations to be that “perfect mom,” overlooking that we are human. Throughout the years I learned to just be myself and be the best mom to my daughter. Yes, I had to do a few modifications and refocus my energy to secure positivity around my daughter as much as I can. WE WERE NEVER PERFECT and that’s okay. If there are some things you must fix then do so. Ensure it will improve who you are and not change yourself. Simply like our children, we as mothers are going to make so many mistakes to remind us that we’re not perfect but we’re doing our best, which leads me to my next point.


  • We have a substantial amount of lesson/stories to share with our children.

    – We made mistakes as children, teenagers, and still doing them as an adult. We shouldn’t hide our life from our children. Now, do we share every single detail of our life with our children? Absolutely not, we should share enough with them so they can know that we’re human. We have to remind them that they’re not alone with whatever it is they’re going through. We have the ability to connect with our children on that deeper level that makes our bond unbreakable.


  • We deal with those “Why Me/God” Moments.

    – From explosive poopy diapers to our kids first crush, from puberty to teenage meltdowns, we deal with those crazy states during each milestone that has mothers asking “Why Me?!” The beauty in all of this as moms collectively we have to sit back and laugh. What other individual is going to deal with these crazy moments? We are unique individuals who are blessed with the ability to remain calm during those times our children have meltdowns when we want to have a meltdown right with them.


  • Knowing our love for our children is unconditional.

    – We allow our children to take us through the endless emotional rollercoaster. In one day I manage to get frustrated, happy, sad, confused, even disappointed but through all the emotions my love for my daughter is always greater than. The love we have for our children will be separate than the love we have for others.


It’s difficult at times to deal with ALL that comes with being a mother. There are countless days we want to throw in the towel but we don’t. We have comprehended how it’ll influence our children. Each decision we made from the moment we were pregnant to present day has always been in the best interest of our children. Everything we do is for our children. To all the moms out there you are special, we are strong, we are the most gracious being to walk this earth because we brought in the most precious gift which is our children.


Note to children:

Love your mothers unconditionally. Forgive her for her mistakes, and the mistakes she’ll continue to make. Her mind, her body and her life will never be the same because of the sacrifice she chose to make. Respect her and understand that she is and will always be your mother first. As life progresses, with all the situations and experiences you will go through will allow you to connect with her and build that friendship. You only get one mom and 365 days to cherish her.

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