10 Tips for Flawless Face Makeup

Getting into the world of makeup is like signing an eternal contract. Once you start to learn you can’t stop. Even if you don’t wear makeup in your day to day lives, your interest will always be there. Since my college days, my interest in makeup continued to grow and want to learn more. Even though YouTube was popular during my college years, I was not using YouTube to watch makeup tutorials lol. When learning how to do makeup I looked at it as dating someone. Getting to know your type of makeup is like getting to know a person that you want to potentially date. You have to get to know the pros and cons of certain makeup products just like you’re learning the pros and cons of the person you’re dating.


Circa 2013 My 1st Attempt Ever at trying Makeup


Of course, my mission was learning how to do beautiful eyeshadow looks, bomb lip combos, and amazing face makeup but I had to take one step at a time. I’ve had my fair share of comma eyebrows, mudslide eyeshadow looks, casket ready face makeup and doing interesting lip combos. With watching A LOT of makeup tutorials on YouTube and with practice, I mastered my face makeup, including my eyebrows. The reason why I included eyebrows because your eyebrows set the tone for your entire face. You can have flawless face makeup and terrible looking brows, now your flawless face makeup has now gone to “WTF did she came out the house looking like that?!” makeup. Once mastering my face makeup and eyebrows, eyeshadow and lip combos shortly came after. What’s so beautiful about makeup is that I’m going to learn as much as I want for as long as I want.


Circa 2015 Makeup Look


Here are my 10 Tips that I got from watching my favorite Youtubers over the years that help me achieve my flawless makeup. 


  1. Make sure you know the type of skin you have 

    – Its essential to know whether you have oily skin, dry skin, combination skin, skin with hyperpigmentation and so forth.

  2. Pick out the right foundation that matches your skin color and skin type

    – Following tip #1 knowing your skin will determine what type of foundation that you will need to achieve for you flawless look.

  3. Invest in good brushes and beauty blenders

    – You don’t have to go out and by $50 and $100 makeup brushes and blenders. There are PLENTY of brands that sells amazing and inexpensive makeup brushes and blenders.

  4. Blend to the Gods HONEY!!!!!!

    – If you’re not blending your makeup then what are doing with your life?!

  5. When concealing and brightening the highlight points on your face DO NOT  go for casket ready concealer (Don’t go 3-5 shades lighter than your foundation)

    –  Don’t go 3-5 shades lighter than your foundation you want to look like you woke and ready to slay not become a distraction because your under eye looking crazy.

  6. Setting your face and the highlighted areas with setting powder that has the right color and tone that will compliment your face

    – Following tip #5 you want to slay people not scare them away

  7. DO NOT Bake if you don’t need to. The flash on your camera will NOT be your friend

    – I tried baking once upon a time and lets just say I stayed out of photos and avoiding seeing as many people as I can. Yes setting your makeup is essential but you don’t want it to sit to long because your highlighted areas can look ashy and eventually cake up.

  8. Take your time when applying your face makeup (even the best makeup artist and influencers take their time)

    – Don’t move like a turtle but move with a purpose.

  9. Practice makes perfect

    –  If you messed up you can always wipe your makeup off and do it again. If you didn’t like how your makeup looked when you went out you can always go back to the drawing board and switch it up until you figure it out.

  10. Always continue to evolve and learn new things to keep slaying the game

    – Self explanatory


“Getting to know your type of makeup is like getting to know a person that you want to potentially date. You have to get to know the pros and cons of certain makeup products just like you’re learning the pros and cons of the person you’re dating.”



Circa 2016 Makeup Look


Makeup is all about learning and trying what works and what doesn’t work for you and your preference. There is no right way or wrong way to do makeup. You do it YOUR way. You will have MANY trial and errors and I can attest to that. You have to be fearless and don’t hold back. Makeup is like fashion there are so many different styles to choose from and it will continue to evolve and grow. Find what makeup style works best for you but don’t be afraid to try new things. Now that I have shared my tips with you what are some of your tips for flawless face makeup?


Present Day Makeup Look

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