Holiday Series: Surviving Gift Shopping

We’re in the mist of the holiday season and we’re getting down to the wire. It’s that time of the season where we’re fighting to get those last minute items or are completely clueless on what to get our loved ones for Christmas. It’s that time of the season were our children point to every single toy on the screen screaming “I WANT THAT,” and coming with a long list of toys to send to Santa. It is also during a time were finances can sometimes be a little rocky and you have to sacrifice some things or cant’ splurge on gift giving like you’ve hope for. For those who may be experiencing this I want you to know that you are NOT alone. Some parents prepare all year long just to go all out for the holidays but life happens and life isn’t always in our control and that’s okay. I do want you to know that you do have control in looking at the positivity in the holidays and making sure it is a Christmas your family won’t forget. When speaking with other moms who understand the frustration gift shopping can be I wanted to share my advice and others alike that is helping me stay sane during this holiday season.


  1. Share your children Christmas list with the family!

– I think multiple moms can attest to this right here. It can be overwhelming when your child presents you a list with over 10 toys. Instead of trying to buy them all share them with the family. Each one of you can decide what toys you want to get off the list that way everyone isn’t buying duplicate toys and they don’t have to stress about what to get the little ones. It also makes you feel like mom of the year because your child will be excited that Santa got everything they asked for not knowing you were Santa’s little helper.

2.  The Four Christmas Gift Challenge.

– I’ve been seeing this for years now and decided to try it as a guide line for my gift shopping experience. My daughter is blessed to have a big family on both my side and her fathers side. Along with the tip above I decided to try the Four Christmas Gift challenge to switch it up this year. The challenge is to get your kids something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read. This has been very helpful for me because it helps me come up with new ideas of what to get my daughter and to also help me manage my finances which leads me to my next point.

    3.  If that list is too long CUT IT.

– I know some of you may agree and some may disagree but follow me. When I was younger my mother always encouraged me to make my Christmas list but she always told me to make sure the 5 I REALLY wanted was at the top so Santa could be aware. Thinking back on it now it was the smartest idea my mother came up with. Every Christmas I would have either all of my top 5 toys or some them, either way I was always happy. There are times some of us may not always be blessed like others but we work and grind to provide. If your child presents you with a long list encourage them to choose their top 5 toys and if its in your budget go ahead and splurge. If the top 5 toys are not in budget choose a couple and look at the rest of the list.

     4.  Have a white elephant Christmas.

– I recently played this game at my company Christmas party. I know this game goes by other names but this is the one I went with. It’s simple, every one brings a gift and receives a number. If your number is called first you have the opportunity to pick first. The catch to that is those who get called after can take the gift you have or choose a new one. Each gift has the opportunity to get taken three times, after the it lands in the third persons hand it’s officially theirs. This is a fun idea for the adults and its budget friendly and allows you to focus on the kids more. You can still get gifts for those you want but this is a fun way to switch it up in the household and everyone goes home with a gift. It’s a win-win situation!

5.  Gift Cards, Gift Cards, and Gift Cards.

– Don’t know what gifts to get adults or other children this Christmas? Get a gift card. It can be to their favorite store they shop at or a Visa gift card to allow them to go to any store they choose to and even shop online. This way you’re not stressing about what to get or hoping the gift that you did get them they enjoy. You give them complete control in allowing them to choose exactly what it is they want.

6.  There are 364 Days in the year to gift give and treat the ones you love to something special

– If you weren’t able get that toy because it’s sold out, it’s okay. Can’t afford to get your loved one that new electronic in time for Christmas, it’s okay. Making those sacrifices so your family can continue to live comfortably after the holidays so Christmas may be a little different, it’s okay. You don’t need a holiday, birthday or a season to treat yourself or the ones you love. We work so hard all year round that we should a least treat ourselves and our family to something nice ever so often.




This year has been a lot of ups and downs for me. I want this Christmas to establish my own little traditions with my own little family that my daughter can follow once she has her own family. I want my daughter to understand that this Holiday season is more than just gift giving or who can get the better gift. It’s about making memories that she’ll always remember, seeing her eyes light up when we turn on her tree and the lights in the house. Watching the holiday movies and shows, introducing her to movies I grew up on watching while she introduces to the new. We get so caught up that we forget the sacredness in the Christmas holiday and for that it’s worth to stay positive even during the negative times. I hope this advice is helpful and look forward to more. Stay tuned redeemers!

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