Outfit Look Book: Homecoming Edition

This year I had the pleasure of returning back to alma mater to celebrate yet another homecoming. This year I wanted to do something different. I wanted to show everyone yes I’m 25, yes I’m a mom to a beautiful 2 year old (almost 3), and yes I still got it going on. When it comes to shopping I don’t have the time nor do I like ordering offline all the time. When I do go shopping I like to find different items on what I like to call gems. Those are my statement or go to pieces. This year I was being pretty frugal and selective on what I bought. Instead of buying the same things over again I took a look in my closet and wanted to add new items to my wardrobe. My looks were based on day time events I attended and wanted to make sure I executed my purpose which was effortlessly slaying the weekend away and my mission was accomplished. I decided to trade in my closed toe booties for some peep toe shoes to give myself a more mature sexy approach. I definitely stepped out of my comfort zone with wearing mesh, open heel, and clear Lucite heel shoes.



First Look:

This look was worn on Friday the day before homecoming day. Since it was a beautiful day, I  wanted to show off my mommy curves and little skin. I decided to go with high waist jeans because it gives me a nice shape and my booty a pop! The top I’ve had for a while, it’s a body suit and pairing it with the jeans allowed the oranges and blues to stand out in the shirt. The nude heels and bag gave a nice compliment and allowed the outfit to stand out on its own.

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Jeans: Forever 21

Top: Olive Ole

Jacket: Forever 21 Jean Jacket

Bag: Forever 21 Gold Chain/Nude

Jewelry: Forever 21 Gold choker/Chain

Shoes: Charlotte Russe



Second Look: Homecoming day!

With a night full of partying I wanted to tone it down a little but yet still show off my sexiness. I love showing some type of skin whether its my back, my legs, my sides and so forth but being comfortable was a must this day. Being that I was rocking a sweatshirt I paired it with some ripped jeans (that I’ve had for all while) to show the comfy look from head to toe. The shoes I wore are my favorite heels out from this weekend and it gave my feet a nice look and my outfit an overall chic look while staying sexy and comfortable.

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Jeans: Charlotte Russe

Top: Custom Design Sweatshirt

Jewelry: Forever 21 Silver Choker/Chain

Bag: N/A (Christmas gift)

Shoes: Charlotte Russe




Participating in homecoming this year was such a nostalgic experience. Coming back, seeing old faces, and reminiscing about the good old days. Homecoming was nothing but good vibes, positive energy, and everyone having a good time. Being an alumna of an HBCU is nothing but a celebration. It’s a celebration of life, a celebration of our accomplishments, and celebrating for making it through another year and being blessed that we can still be who we are and always remember where we started from. Having the blessing to attend an HBCU came with trials and tribulations, success and failure, and MANY experiences I will never forget. The slay from Alumni this weekend was absolutely amazing. Partying and celebrating homecoming this past weekend has left me with a beyond sore body, massaging my feet every night because they hurt and are sore after wearing heels for FOUR days straight (ya girl wasn’t playing no games),drinking plenty of water and extending my skincare regimen because of wearing makeup everyday, and fatigue from lack of sleep and a turning up all weekend. I hope you enjoyed my little look book and got a sense of my style. More is soon to come!



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