The truth about beauty blogging: What beauty bloggers forget to mention

My Opinion About Beauty Blogging


I’ve always been interested in makeup and skincare but not to the point where I cared enough to educate myself. I didn’t care to know on what it meant to take care of your skin and how to properly do makeup. That was until I became a mom. My body, my skin, how I looked began to change. Looking back at old photos and being appalled that I allowed myself to walk out looking the way I did I knew it was time for a change. Being that I was now a mom and a young one at that it was a MUST that I learn to do my makeup and to learn how to take care of my mature developing skin. My sister was the one who put me on to the world of YouTube and the endless makeup tutorials and how to take care of my skin. With trial and error, and continuously educating myself I began to find an interest in wanting to share my journey of lessons with others, that’s when Sincerely Redeemed was born. Since creating this blog I’ve had success and short comings but I’m still learning. Even though I’m still in my early years of being a blogger there are some things I have picked up on since being a beauty blogger.

1. Everyone is NOT going to like your content, and that’s okay.

Aside from beauty blogging I do like to share some of my thought and feelings about particular topics. It’s honestly going to be a hit or miss. With those hit and misses I’ve learned the type of audience I attract and have a better understanding on what direction I should go in.

2. Being a beauty blogger is a FULL TIME job.

I tip my hat off to those who are YouTubers that does endless makeup tutorials for a living. They have keep the creative juices flowing to create content for their subscribers. Beauty blogging does take up A LOT of time and energy. Whether you post a product on your blog, Instagram or even go live you need to know what it is you’re talking about, which leads to my next point.

3. A beauty blogger is a news reporter for the makeup, skincare and hair world.

A person does not care how many times they have watched, seen, or read a review on the same beauty products ESPECIALLY highly anticipated beauty products. They will still tune in to your post to see what it is you have to say and if you even know what you’re talking about. Don’t half ass your report on the makeup, take your time with your research. Make sure you educate yourself, reading is fundamental!

4. Everybody ain’t rooting for you sis!

Since having my Instagram I’ve seen a lot of growth and I’ve also seen decline as well. People will sometimes follow you just so you can follow them back and then turn around and unfollow you (Shady right?!) No matter how many times you may tag your pictures with a particular hashtag to be featured on another Instagram and it doesn’t happen. There have been many times I have felt discouraged by that and then some but I keep going and I keep hustling. No one told me this was going to be an easy ride nor did I expect it to be. If you’re in the early stages like me it’s going to be a bumpy road but as time continues to moved forward and you develop a rhythm that you love the bumpy road will soon turn smooth.

5. Stay true to who you are! 

It’s so easy to get caught up and pressured to do what everyone else is doing. It’s easy to fall into the trap of unauthenticity not staying true to who you are. It’s nothing wrong with switching things up on Instagram and your blog site as long as you remember why you began to create content in the first place. Make change because you want to, not because you feel the pressure of what everyone else is doing.  When you stay authentic  people will come to you. Don’t start doing endless makeup post knowing that’s not the only thing you do. As tempting as it can be don’t lose site of why you started in the first place.

6. If this is your passion make sure to put in the time in.

It’s not going to be easy, nothing in life is easy. You have to work hard, educate yourself, and love what you do. If you feel beauty blogging has become more of a job than a passion you once love it’s okay to pull back and redirect yourself. Being a beauty blogger doesn’t mean you create quick content just because you need something quick. Make it meaningful, thought out, and properly done.


I don’t have all the answers but I’m learning as I go. I don’t see too many people share behind the scenes on what it takes, all you would see is the content. DO NOT be fooled by what you see on social media. Your favorite Youtuber, Instagram blogger, or beauty blogger has a lot on their plate. We don’t see the time, the energy, the struggles, and the frustrations it takes to give their audience what they want while staying true to themselves. If you’re a beauty blogger like me I hope this has helped you and encourage you to keep going. If you’re not a beauty blogger hopefully this has opened your eyes to and give a little insight to the beauty blogger world.

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