Top 5 Reason’s I Enjoy Working from Home


Fun fact about me I am a mom who works from home. I am the carpool mom who happens to work a 9-5 job from home, yes a full time job. I have the power to control my work life and still fulfill my duties as a mother and as a significant other. I am doing all of this while pursuing my makeup journey and the blogger lifestyle. Being a work from home mom has its ups and downs but I wouldn’t trade the experience for any one.

When I first got hired my daughter was just an infant so working from home was a no brainer and easier for me to function while getting that hands on experience raising my daughter. When she turned one and began to explore her little world it became a challenge to balance work life and mom life. It was when she turned two and in the beginning of 2017 I was finally able to put her in a day care program which she still attends to this very day. Once she was able to go to daycare so many doors began to open for work. I was able to travel, network, and improve my skills. Here are my top 5 reason why I enjoy working from home.

  1. I am in control of my work day:
    In a work setting it feels like everyone is on a time schedule and have the same routine all the time. For me I can control where I work and where I eat.


2. I get to travel more!
Since I work from home it’s easier for me to travel without having to take off all the time. I also get the chance to travel for work related activities.  I make sure to have my computer with me at all times as well as my phone because that is how I get my work done. I make sure to always stay available no matter where I am. I am very considerate of my coworkers so I would never travel somewhere without letting them know. Even though we don’t see each other all the time we still have to follow office rules.


3. My relationships are genuine with my coworkers
Majority of my coworkers are parents, married or are in relationships and majority of us live in different areas throughout the country. With that being said we have a genuine understanding of each other, we communicate thoroughly and when we do get together it’s as if we’ve been around each other in the same office building for a long time.


4. I can work anywhere in my house
Sick days you can catch me in my bed with my laptop open and working. Regular days I am either at my desk or chilling on my couch enjoying my food with my TV on to give me some sound in the background. If it’s a late day (yes I have had late nights working from home) my computer will be open while I’m cooking and preparing for the evening. I’ve become the queen at multitasking.


5. I am genuinely happy with my job
With any job it has its ups and downs and are far from perfect. Every job has its flaws. We all have that one or few coworkers who get on our nerves. We all have the boss who may have a good day one day and a bad day the next but I wouldn’t trade my experience because I have learned so much and I’m continuing to grow.



I do look forward in getting back out there with the “real world,” but for now I’m enjoying working from home and the perks that comes with it. I will say this, when working from home treat it as if you’re in the office with the rest of your coworkers. Always keep in mind your boss is ALWAYS looking and being that I work from home my boss always expects more from me but always wants to see me work hard and grow. Take advantage of the opportunities working from home has to offer. Always put your best foot forward and always stay ahead of the game. This is a blessing of mines that I will never take for granted and even though working from home also has its flaws it gives me the chance to do some of the things my mom couldn’t do with me when I was young because she had to travel to work. I hope this may help someone who can relate or maybe be interested in working from home. Being a stay at home mom has taken on a new meaning and is so much more than the traditional ways.

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