My Skincare Routine

No matter what season it is I make it my business to maintain clear radiant skin. Being that I have combination skin (oily t-zone, dry around my face) I make it a priority to allow my skin to breathe as much as possible. I don’t wear a full face of makeup every time I go out. Especially during the summer this year. The pictures above is my go to look when I’m feeling lazy with my makeup, which is all the time. It consists of making sure my eyebrows and eyelashes are on fleek with a wing liner and topping it off with either a sexy or bold lip combination to set off my natural glow. I want to share the products I use to maintain clear skin. I will start off with products I use at night then go into the products I use during the day. By the way this is not a sponsor post, these are the brands that works best for me and are budget.


After a LONG day of carpooling my daughter to and from daycare, working, and running errands and taking care of the house I make it my duty to give my face a nice clean.
Nighttime routine:

1. I use the Garnier micellar water and a cotton pad to wipe the oil off my face.

Beauty-Skincare-Clean Face

2. I then go in with my Aveeno Clear Complexion foaming cleanser and my Sephora Ultimate Dual exfoliating facial brush to really get in and clean my skin, then I rinse that off with warm water

3. Every few nights I like to use the St. Ives Blackhead Clearing Green Tea Scrub and focus this mainly in my t-zone area give my skin a smooth finish.

Beauty-Skincare-Clean Face

4. If I’m experiencing some breakouts and to make sure all the dirt is removed I use a Clearasil Hydra-Blast Oil Free Pads to wipe around my face. I follow up with Vitamin E-Oil as my nightly moisturizer and massage that into my skin.


ITS MORNING TIME!!!!! As soon as I wake up I’m on the go and I’m on a time crunch.

Morning routine:
1. I use the Garnier SkinActive Invigorating Daily Scrub. I like this scrub because it leaves my skin feeling fresh and minty while reducing my large pores.
2. Lately I’ve been experiencing a lot of dryness around my face. I gave the CeraVe moisturizing lotion (for normal to dry skin) a try and focused that around my face and less in my T-Zone area. Since using this it has helped the dry patches around my face giving me a smooth and soft finish. This moisturizer is light weight and a little goes a long way.


Once a week:

Either on Sunday or Monday in the evening time after washing my face I like to go in with the Formula 10.0.06 Keep Your Cool skin calming gel mask.

Beauty-Skincare-Clean Face

If it’s a REALLY hot day and I normally have a little break during the day I like to freshen up my face. I like to go in with the Aveeno Positively Radiant cleansing pads and follow up with my CeraVe after. These cleansing pads are so gently to the skin and gives my skin that radiant glow.

aveeno positively radiant


I purchased these products from Walmart, Walgreens, Ulta, and Sephora. I am a mommy on a budget but I do take pride in maintaining clear skin.  I may switch up when I use certain products depending on how I’m feeling but nonetheless I use them all. These products range from $5 to $20 dollars.  Aside from working on the outside I make sure to work on the inside as well. I drink more water, less fast food, and not so much heavy food throughout the day. These are the products that has worked for me. Comment below with some of the products you use to maintain healthy looking skin. Stay beautiful and uphold your crown!

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