Travel Experience Part II: Our 1st Cruise!!!!

After a long two weeks being in New York I have to gear up for another trip. Upon my arrival back home in June within that following week my little family was gearing up for an amazing 1st trip for all of us, our first CRUISE!!!!!!

One of my many comfortable, stylish outfits

On our first cruise we did accompany my significant other family celebrating anniversaries and milestone birthdays. To be able to go out the country and bring my daughter along was such an amazing experience that  I will never forget.



I have never been a huge fan of water so going on this cruise brought out a lot of anxiety UNTIL it was time for us to board the ship. If you ever been on a cruise or have spoken to people went on a cruise the first thing they will say is that there’s so much to do that you won’t pay attention to the fact that you’re on a boat.


Some things that I learned and realized from being on a cruise is to take in each and every moment and go with the flow. I personally enjoyed watching the sunset on the boat. It was such an invigorating experience and beyond peaceful. Each day you get an itinerary about the different activities on the boat. My personal opinion is to pick 3-5 activities that you and your spouse, significant other, or friends agree on and have fun! There is ALWAYS something to do so if you miss that activity there is going to be something else. If you’re on the cruise with your little one take the time out and take them to the little children shows and activities on the boat. On our cruise they had a Dr. Seuss-a-palooza that consisted of a parade throughout one of the levels on the ship and story time. Even though we arrived late I was still able to get my daughter in the parade and for her to be apart of story time. Along with being in the Bahamas that was also one of the main highlights of my trip and it made me feel good as a parent. My significant other and I was also grateful that we did accompany his family because late at night we didn’t have to worry about leaving her in the daycare they provided she was able to hang out with her grandparents until she went to sleep. Being that it was my first cruise there were a lot of trial and errors so nonetheless I look forward on going on another cruise.


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