My Mothers Day Look

            Over the past couple of years I have always looked forward to dressing up and making sure to look EXTRA good for Mothers Day but this year I wanted to scale back a bit. Being that my daughter is getting older I’m finding ways to still look good and be comfortable enough to chase her around.

(Sunglasses: Charlotte Rouse; Choker: Forever 21; Bracelet: N/A)

My look was inspired by my motto “The less to touch the better!” I pulled my hair back into a low bun with a little bit of hair on the sides. I try to find pieces that are outside of my comfort zone and children friendly. I took the risk of trying aviator color lens sunglasses and let’s just say I am love. I’ve been loving the rose gold look for a while and because my outfit was very simple I wanted to use my accessories as my standout pieces. Pairing my choker and bracelet with the aviator glasses gave my overall look a nice touch.

 (Shirt: Boohoo; Jeans: Forever21; Shoes: Converse; Bag: Justfab)

Sometimes with being a mom on the go you want to have very little reason to mess with your clothes, jewelry or face. I paired up this denim shirt with black jeans and topped it off with some low top sneakers. To finish off my mothers day look I added this rose gold clutch that can also be turned into a purse just in case I needed my arms and hands free. I hope you enjoyed my look for Mothers day. I hope you and/or your loved ones had an amazing Mothers day too.

If you have any pictures of you and your mom on mothers day comment down below with the hashtag #SincerelyAMom!

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