Its takes a village to become a woman and a mother…

MDP.png      You continuously hear the saying “It takes a village to raise a child,” but I think that saying still holds truth in adulthood. Most of us can agree that through the experiences life has given us, there have been generation/s of women before us who shaped us into the women we are today. Whether it was your mother, grandmother, aunt, a mentor, someone from school, or that older women from church there has always been someone or a group of women to help us get through life. Most of us may have figured out life on our own but speaking from my experience, growing up I’ve always had that support from women throughout my life. We use those guidelines from women before us to help us get through this thing we call life and we also call motherhood.

     Growing up I didn’t know a thing about becoming my own woman and figuring out who I wanted to be, I damn sure didn’t have a clue as to how to be a mother. Throughout my stages in life I’ve always had someone giving me wisdom even during the times I didn’t want it but I’m grateful to have gotten them. Over the years I have mature A LOT and gained wisdom but it took a village to help me see my own beauty and my capabilities. From teachers, mentors, counselors and even women who are only a few years older than me. The advice and the truth they have given me allowed me to self reflect and learned the type of woman I wanted to be and the path I wanted to walk on. I’ve learned to live in my truth. I’ve learned to acknowledge and accept my flaws. I’ve learned that I need to always love myself. I love who I am but I’m falling in love with the woman that I’m becoming. I say with pride that I am not the same women I was throughout my journey. I’m becoming confident in myself and my overall.

     My mother has been my tour guide throughout both journeys of becoming a woman and a mother. She has ALWAYS been in my corner and she continues to remain. She has always been my inspiration of what it means to be a parent. Being a mother has had my anxiety go through the roof at times but my mother has been there to walk me down my steps of anxiety and back down to level one. Between my mother and my significant other mother both of them have been by side throughout my journey of motherhood.

   I’m not going to play naïve and act as if everyone should live the life I live or the next person because we all wear different shoes and walk different paths. I will say this if you have that group or even that one who’s been by your side during womanhood, motherhood, or both hold on to them. We don’t have to walk down our journeys by ourselves. Even if you find a group of women who can connect to your story hold on to them. For me I have the wisdom of older women but it is a sigh of relief to connect with women who know what it’s like dating and raising children in the society we live in today. Let’s challenge ourselves as women. We shouldn’t continue to act and move like we’re crabs in a barrel. We have enough going against us and that should motivate us that much more. I want us to come together and raise each other up and create a strong group of women whom are to come after us.  It’s time to level up.

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