You can’t do it alone

Cant do it alone.jpg

      As women we are labeled as “strong,” “reliable,” “powerful,” and many other terms that puts us on a high pedestal. We get told that we are the ones who are the nucleus of the family, the ones who keeps the sanity in the house and keep things moving in the mist of the storm. We can show emotion but not too much. We can express ourselves but in fewer words. We should have support but we should be able to handle life pretty much on our own. We are told to be go getters but to a certain level. We can only be 10% dependent and the remaining 90 is us flying solo. Society shows us that we need to be better than the next woman rather than uplifting and helping each other grow. The truth of the matter is it’s impossible for us to go through life alone. We’re in constant everyday battles that it’s important that we have someone in our corner. If you think you can go through life alone you’re sadly mistaken.

     Having my daughter at a young age according to the millennial generation I knew for a fact I couldn’t go through this chapter alone. It wasn’t because I was inadequate and I couldn’t handle it, I just didn’t know where to begin. I didn’t know a thing about being a mother and trying to transition in to post grad gracefully.  I felt like I continued to hit a hard ass wall every single step of the way. I was grateful enough to not only have the support of my mom and sister but the women in my significant other family as well as my best friends who still remain today. I understand that in certain situations we aren’t lucky enough to have such a big support system but it is possible to have someone in your corner. We face so much negativity as women that it’s actually healthy for us to have that listening ear, that motivator, that person who can check us when we’re wrong and can keep us on track but most importantly we can trust and be able to confide in. Without having that one or multiple in our corner we will eventually break down, and nobody got time for that.

      I am not going to be oblivious to the women who have managed to get through life on their own. We all don’t walk the same path, have the same story, or sing the same song. If we did empowering, uniting, and uplifting one another would practically be nonexistent. Now I am not saying we as women are incapable of handling our lives on our own but just think about this, along your journey there was someone who gave you advice whether big or small, or referred you to go to that individual to get you to the next level. Bottom line is its okay to have that support and have that person(s) in your corner. Ladies IT OKAY to say you want that support, to want to have that someone in your corner so your life can feel a little bit easier to manage. I come wanting to encourage those who feel that having that support is nonexistent because someone has continued to break their trust, failing them time after time, and truly didn’t care for them. I want those women to not close their heart, to not build that wall so high and so strong to the point it’s impossible for them to break it down. Don’t give up continue to have that ounce of trust that someone will come along with your best interest in mind. Ladies we have to stop tearing each other down. We act like crabs in a barrel forgetting there is another group trying to place a lid to keep us in the places that we are. We’re seeing a new generation of young women who realize supporting and uplifting each other is greater than trash talking and tearing each other down. I encourage you to place positivity in your hearts and want to make that change to become better and want to do better in your lives. I can’t do it alone, you can’t do it alone, and WE can’t do it alone.



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