Feature Friday: Shelly a.k.a TheCurlioness

Shelly 2.jpg

 Happy Friday Redeemers!!!! In honor of celebrating international women’s day on March 8th I wanted to kick off Feature Friday with an amazing artist. Meet Shelly, She is a licensed cosmetologist and professional makeup artist based in southern New Jersey/Philly area. She is a hair, beauty and lifestyle Youtuber and vlogger. With amazing content you can find her on YouTube easily just by searching TheCurlioness. I had the pleasure of interviewing Shelly so make sure you go check out what makes her a redeemer. Don’t stop there you can also find Shelly on her social media platforms as well, they will be listed down below. Make sure you go follow her on social media as well as her YouTube channel and subscribe. Comment under her recent contents with the 👑💖 emoji letting her know you’re a part of the redeemer family.


Instagram: @TheCurlioness/ @slayedbyshelly


Snapchat: thecurlioness

Facebook: Thecurlioness/slayedbyshelly

Twitter: thecurlioness


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