Feature Friday: Meet Shelly a.k.a TheCurlioness

Shelly 2


Question #1: What makes you a redeemer?

As a hairstylist and makeup artist being in fields such as those are both extremely competitive and at times challenging. My biggest challenge is finding a group of people who can maintain professionalism and share similar ideas in creativity. I work to create, I am an artist and I take my businesses seriously.  I’m usually the youngest in the salon or shops I worked within, and I learned the hard way that being the youngest can be a target for manipulation. We know working in those fields where it’s predominately women, we at times can be catty or against one another. At times I wasn’t given the opportunity to perform to the best of my capabilities but it didn’t stop me. I love what I do and I would love it even more if I was able to have others who are genuine, creative, and who are like minded about creating a team. Teamwork makes the dream work but until I find that team I’m going to work on my dreams and goals.


Question #2: What advice can you give to those who are aspiring to want have a career, and a passion such as yours that will be able to help them out.

If you think about it every day, then do it! Go for it! If you want to be a hairstylist, makeup artist or YouTuber go for it! I hear so many people come to me for advice and say, “Shellz I don’t know where to start” or “well my boyfriend, mom, sister, uncle, cousin friends probably won’t support me.” Please, do it for yourself. Seriously I wish I would’ve jumpstarted any of my careers sooner than I did. Honestly, I didn’t have any support in the beginning but that gave me a reason to go that much harder because it was my dream. Not having support shouldn’t give you a reason not to follow your dreams it should make you that much hungry to prove them wrong. The support will come once you get started and excelling.

Another thing, if you are going to pursue the route of becoming a hairstylist, I’m letting it be known to save you time, please get your licenses ladies and gents, that is the best and safest way possible. And lastly, trust your process and do not ever settle. I’ve been doing hair since 2011. And I’ve bounced around from so many places. I even downgraded to a shampoo girl not because I wasn’t licensed to do hair, I wasn’t licensed in the state I worked in. However, I learned a lot about hair while I was working on the floor. Education is key even outside of cosmetology and hair school, continue to learn. Pay attention especially if you haven’t established a clientele just yet. Continue to take classes, watch online videos and continue to find ways to evolve your craft. I know what I will allow in my own studio and what I won’t allow because of how much I learned and continue to learn. This is the molding process of any great professional. Professional hairstylist don’t stop at the bare minimum, they do everything they can to reach the highest level possible. Do not stay where you are continue to grow whether exploring different shops and watching how those particular stylist do their craft. But do not stay there, you will know when it’s time to go so you can continue to grow. I really hope this helps anyone xoxo



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