To My Beautiful Brown Child…


To my Beautiful Brown Child

You are beautiful, you are a blessing in disguise. You are my most proudest and greatest accomplishment in this chapter of my life. From your melanin skin, your curly hair, to your amazing smile that lights up the room. My love ALWAYS remember you are beautiful. Embrace who you are. You’re amazing, you’re unique, you’re inquisitive, and everyone will want to know who you are because of what you are. Embrace your ethnicity, embrace your race, and embrace your culture. You were brought into a world of imperfections but remember you are not perfect either. Stand strong and firm in your beliefs, walk in your truth, and always know right from wrong. We live in a world where there are those who are naïve, oblivious, and inadequate of wanting to understand. Those will bring frustration to your world but always remain calm and never react on impulse. You are a power source, my beautiful brown child you are powerful beyond your understanding. You’re more than the stereotypes and the tags that come along with what and who you are. A mind is a terrible thing to waste. Enrich your mind beautiful brown child. NEVER stop educating yourself. Read, learn, and grow. Do not accept the bare minimum. I want you to push yourself, indulge and always want to learn and open your mind to the enriching words you explore. You are growing up in a world where things are unfair and double standards is a continuous cycle. As frustrated as you may get continue to fight against the odds. Always be respectful, never let them get the best of you. You’re growing up in a world were people are unfortunately become and act as what they talk about when they degrade your image and who an what you are. Don’t give them that satisfaction, you are stronger than that. You’re growing up in a world where violence has become overbearing. From social media to the news, it will make angry, confused, stuck. As I told you before my beautiful brown child stand strong and firm in your beliefs, walk in your truth, and always know right from wrong. Society will try to tear you down and make another statistic out of you. Society will try to intimidate you and make you feel less of who and what you are. People will try to tear yur character apart but always remain humble. Remember my beautiful brown child YOU ARE STRONG, YOU ARE POWERFUL. My beautiful brown child you are another powerful tool to your culture. You are looked at as a threat because of your melanin skin and the stride in your walk. Always remember I do my best to protect, nurture, and prepare you for this thing we call society. All of this may seem confusing right now and hard to understand because I’m teaching you how to love, spread peace, joy, and maintain positivity in your young life but one thing i want you to remember is you to always love yourself first. 

 I Love You

             From: A Beautiful Brown Mother

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