Me Time v. “Me” Time


Me Time (short term) versus “Me” Time (long term)


As women we are torn between what it means to have Me Time. Me time versus “Me” Time serves two different platforms, to two different types of women. Sometimes we need a break,  and having that chance to step back and evaluate life. That does not mean we’re taping out and running away, we’re simply regrouping ourselves and getting our minds together. Let us break down Me Time versus “Me” Time.

      If you are in a long term relationship or marriage and you guys have a  child or children together you look forward to having some Me Time. Me Time is having a short term opportunity to yourself. Me time is when taking a few hours to a weekend for yourself to focus on yourself. It gives us the opportunity to do the things we normally don’t get to because we tend to our family. During Me Time women typically go get pampered, go to the mall and take our absolute sweet time because we have the freedom to take our time and do what we please. We sometimes meet up with our girlfriends to have lunch or dinner, go out for some drinks and just catch up without the distractions of our significant other and our children. At that moment in time we are our own obligation. No we’re not neglecting the fact that we have a family waiting at home for us but we’re primarily taking this time to take care of ourselves. It’s vitally important that we as women get our Me Time because it allows our brain and body to relax and to regroup our thoughts peacefully. It gives women that fresh start and also beneficial to our health. I call us the midnight train that never stops. We keep going, and going, and going that it’s hard for us to catch a break. What good are we to our significant other, spouse, and children if we don’t have a good head on our shoulders? Now I will say this when the opportunity present itself and you’re aware that you haven’t had Me Time it’s nothing wrong expressing to your significant other or spouse and let them know you need a little time for yourself. Don’t take advantage and abuse the opportunity going out almost every single weekend and not putting time aside for your family. Remember this when it comes to your significant other or spouse it’s healthy to spend some time apart but it becomes unhealthy if you spend too much time apart from each other. Remember ladies don’t shame yourself for having Me Time just like our significant other or spouse gets their Me Time from the family so can we. Now on to “Me” Time.

    A girlfriend of mine was in long term relationship. She’s been single for a few months now and loving the dating scene but wants nothing more than a friendship. She’s not anti-men, or “I hate men!” She’s simply focusing on herself, she’s having her “Me” time. Instead of jumping from relationship to relationship women are simply putting a halt to relationships and focusing on ourselves. Sometimes we catch ourselves in “situationships” (you’re not in an official relationship but like to do some of the things real couples do) and we just need a break. Having “Me” Time is more long term opportunity. It’s having a one on one time with yourself figuring out who you were in that relationship, who you are, and who you’re trying to become. We get in these negative sometimes toxic relationships and lose sight of who are and that’s what that “Me” Time is for. “Me” Time is a period of forgiving and allowing yourself to have dealt with the bullshit that you’ve put up with for whatever amount of time. “Me” time is selfishly focusing on yourself and I don’t mean that in a negative way. If you’re a single woman you have every right to be selfish on how you share yourself with others.  Single women have no obligations to no one, in no way shape of form. It’s the most annoying thing when you’re trying to be selfish with your time and you have people trying to tell you you’re wrong for doing so. If you’re not ready to get in a relationship, that’s absolutely fine. If you want to casually date that’s fine as well. As women we have to do what’s best for us, what’s healthy for us, and most importantly what truly makes us happy.

     Whether we’re in a committed relationship or enjoying the single life we have to make sure we’re okay inside and out. We deal with entirely too much on a daily basis that we have to take a step back from time to time. We also have to make sure that we process life properly. We have to make sure we’re emotionally, physically, and spiritually healthy. If you can’t remember the last time you gave yourself Me time or “Me” time vow to yourself today to make it a point to refocus and get yourself back together so you can be strong for your family or be prepared for that next relationship.



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