I’m Bringing My Sexy Back


     Now don’t take the title of this blog the wrong way and be misled. No I am not putting myself out there in a sexual manner. I want to simply share how I felt after my pregnancy. Before getting pregnant you couldn’t tell me nothing, had the nice figure, tight stomach and a belly ring to compliment, toned body and booty to top everything off. While being pregnant I was very conscious of maintaining my body and weight so I wouldn’t get huge.  After I had my daughter the snap back was so real but I became unhappy with the way I look. I went from being carefree to being completely conscious of everything I wore and how I would look. I was ashamed of my body for a long time. My body was no longer what I was used to seeing. I pretty much had to start all over. I started to slack off with my looks a little bit and just became uninterested. Thoughts running through my mind “who would want to look at someone who just had a baby?!” My insecurities started to get the best of me and put me in a pretty bad place emotionally. Once I got the green light to become active again I began to work out, try different healthy food challenges, and begin to work towards feeling good about myself again. Over the course of time with a lot of soul searching, reestablishing who I was, being comfortable with the new me, and placing myself on a path to want better for myself, I began to fall in love with me again. That’s when I truly began to bring my sexy back. Now in no way shape of form I have reached my hair goals, and body goals but I am on the path of achieving them. Now I have some tips of advice that has been helping me along my way of bringing my sexy back and hopefully they can help you too:

  1. Bringing your “sexy” back will not happen overnight.

   As I stated before after pregnancy it’s a process to get back to your comfortable state, unless you’re like Kelly Rowland and Beyoncé then it’s a possibility. Don’t rush the process take it step by step

  1. Love yourself unconditionally.

 You’ve managed to bring another life into this world, and that’s something no one will ever take from you. You have to seek the beauty and love from within, so it can began to exude on your outside. Always remember your physical appearance is NEVER permanent and your inner you can always be worked on and improved.

  1. Keep faith and remain patient at all times.

  Going back to #1 you have to believe in yourself that in due time you will get to where you want to be physically in your life and that you will be blessed beyond measures.

  1. You will have set backs, and it’s okay.

 With this process there will be a lot trial and error. Sometimes you will have set backs, bad days, and negative thoughts, but you HAVE to push through. The most popular saying “My setbacks will have major comebacks,” as long as you don’t let your setbacks stop you in your tracks and prevent you for going forward, you will achieve everything you put your mind to.

    5.  Begin to explore the new you.

With becoming a new mom it’s like becoming a new woman. Once we have our children we get that “mom” body. For some of us it’s  good thing and for others not so much, but we have to embrace it. Once I had my daughter I EVENTUALLY got back to my normal size with a little extra hips and curves. Instead of nitpicking my minor flaws I just embraced them. 

6.   What you thought was sexy may not be sexy anymore. 

When I was young I thought short, sexy, and slightly revealing was the way to go. I enjoyed wearing clothes that showed of my curves, my abs, and my little 21 year old figure when I was in college. Once I became a mom ALL of that changed.  As I’m getting older and coming into my new own,  I’m taking risk by trying new trends and styles. Seeing what works and what doesn’t work for this “mom” body of mine.  Ladies it’s okay to live on the “wild” side when it comes to exploring our new us.  Short and sexy may be your new look, or sleek and long may be your new sexy. We have to realize we are not our before pregnancy image anymore. We have grown up and now we are moms! Its time for us to get our Grown and Sexy on and leave our immature sexy behind.


Now I hope my advice would encourage you to bring your sexy back or reestablish you’re sexy. It’s all about loving yourself and wanting better for yourself. Who’s going to love you better than you?

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