When life goes right but still takes a left…


 Hey guys! I’m officially back and welcome to the New Year!!!!! I know there have been a few questions floating around like where have you been?! What happened to your blog?! Will you continue to do your blog post?! I know a few of you were following me on my Tumblr page and suddenly I went ghost on there. To answer those few questions along with others I felt I needed to update you guys on my life. The life of being a working mom tremendously increased over this past year. My job became more demanding and my daughter was going from a baby to a toddler. Aside from working on my relationship those were the two main focuses in my life.

      So much time had gone past from the last time I posted on my Tumblr. I felt it was time to step it up a notch and come out of my comfort zone. I’ve gone through so much during 2016 that I wasn’t the same person on my Tumblr page and I have new information to share hence Sincerely Redeemed being created. I’ve went through plenty of ups and downs in my relationship over this past year and yes we’re still together 3 years strong. I’ve had many challenges of being a mom because when you think you have parenting figured out there’s always something to show you that you have more learning to do. In the process of my crazy rollercoaster I’ve become stronger mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Encouraging and uplifting others has become a sense of peacefulness in my life. We live in a society where as women we feel like we’re in constant competition with the world and the lack of encouragement doesn’t make us feel any better.

      There is a lot to look forward to with Sincerely Redeemed this year. Let’s look forward to healing our mind, body, souls, and spirits. Things to make us look and feel good as women with the many hats we wear. Even some of the men will be able to take a note or two this year. This year will not be a year of regrets but learning lessons, less sorrow and more happiness, being less stubborn and more understanding, going from the student to becoming the teacher, and taking the things we learn and to be able to teach others. We will always be BeautybyNature but now it’s time to enhance ourselves to Redeemers!

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